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About Bahcesehir University

Overview of Bahçeşehir University

Bahcesehir University is located in the Bahcesehir district of Istanbul. Primarily, it opens up a door for many opportunities in Istanbul. Istanbul has a bustling economy, a rich history, and geographical variety. As such, it is one of the largest tourist destinations in the world.

Moreover, these qualities provide a rich student life surrounded by opportunities. These opportunities present themselves oriented towards both career and social life. Activity never ceases.

Specifically, Istanbul Bahcesehir University is known for providing ideal conditions for students. Its campuses are located in central parts of Istanbul, making it easy for transportation. Even more, the university offers shuttle services between its campuses and even boats between Besiktas campuses and Galata. The boat departs from its very own pier called BAUPORT. As you can see, there is no single Bahçeşehir University campus. Accordingly, Bahcesehir University address also depends on which campus you are looking for. It is spread along the city to accommodate the wide catalog of professions it offers. It has 11 faculties and 6 branch campuses to offer its wide range of opportunities

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Bahcesehir University Departments

Economics and Finance (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
English Language and Literature (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Management Information Systems (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Political Science and International Relations (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Computer Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Industrial Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Architecture (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
New Media and Communication (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Ergotherapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Midwifery (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Pharmacy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Coaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Management (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
VOCATIONAL SCHOOLSTurkishAssociate Degrees2 Years
TÖMER (Turkish Language Course)Turkish CourseLanguage Course1 Year

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    The school’s library is a necessary part of student life. The scope of its contents is incredible for almost everything you can think of. All resources are offered to you. You can use them while writing a research paper, or your thesis, or if you are simply having some leisure time by reading. It contains over 810,000 books, publications, and digital documents. 

    For those who value the scenery and the atmosphere of the campus, the campus in Besiktas is right next to the seashore, offering pleasant scenery for your educational years. Furthermore, Bahcesehir University campus Galata awaits you with a historically rich environment. The campus includes a CATI Laboratuar, a Focus Group Laboratuar, News Center, a TV and photography studio, and many more. You can bask in the richness of Galata in an art atelier or an art exhibition. Campus Galata gifts you a nostalgia specific to Istanbul. 

    Bahcesehir University hosts a lot of local and international students and accommodations are important. There is a ton of private dormitories located around its campuses. You are guaranteed to find the most suitable dorm or student apartment for your preferences and budget. There are also 8 cafes and restaurants on campuses to serve all students and academic personnel alike. 

    Bahcesehir University’s sports teams compete in the Universities’ Super League. Some of these teams are interested in football, basketball, volleyball, and tennis. They also have a sailing team and offer sailing training with one racing boat and two training boats at their university.  

    Bahcesehir University world ranking is 601 according to Times Higher Education 

    Bahçeşehir University ranked 5th on the International Outlook and 13th overall among Turkish universities that made it into the global rankings. 


    BAU GLOBAL provides opportunities to study abroad at any of its affiliate institutions in Berlin, Toronto, Washington DC, Batumi, Hanoi, Kyiv, Puebla, and Brockville. Your journey that set off toward Istanbul can take you to many more exquisite places.


    You can go to Bahçeşehir Cyprus University or immerse yourself in capital wonders all over the world. Bahcesehir University has 235 partner universities from 36 different countries, 175 Erasmus+ partner universities, and 25 Foreign Exchange partner universities. The destinations are almost limitless.

    Students and graduates of Bahcesehir University can benefit from the BAU Global Education Network. This network is comprised of higher education institutions spread around the world. 


    BAU Global universities offer nearly two hundred programs including undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs in many fields. These fields include architecture, art, business, administration, communication, design, economics, education, engineering, health sciences, information technologies, law, medicine, and social sciences. The institutions in the network meet the standards of accreditation bodies in their home countries. They are also highly ranked internationally in the disciplines they offer. 


    Bahcesehir University is also known for its CO-OP Education Model. With this model, education gets backed up by experience in the field. You have an easier time transitioning into business life because of your internship experiences with CO-OP. You are also called a “COOPER” and have higher chances of finding the most fitting direction for your future career. 

    The more you dive into it, the more Bahçeşehir University seems to offer. With its student clubs, TUBITAK-associated projects, and a great vision for the future, your professional development is in safe hands. 

    Bahçeşehir University is an experience of its own. For an ideal career, this ideal university welcomes you with its boundless creativity and resources. It is also made easy to enroll in SBH Education. To join Bahçeşehir University apply online now and let us help you into your dream university. 


    When it comes to money, Bahçeşehir University tutition fees depend on the program you are applying to. But it ranges between 27.000,00 to 63.000,00 Turkish Liras. That is between 1420.07 to 3312.88 USD, which is quite cheap.

    After enrolling, you might need to take an English proficiency exam. This condition applies only to programs that are taught in English. Normally, there is an English Preparatory Program that lasts 1, maximum 2, academic years. However, you can be exempt from the Bahcesehir University proficiency exam via a few different routes.

    The first route is to take and pass the exams given by the School of Foreign Languages English Preparatory Program. In addition, you can provide a document such as TOEFL that shows your English proficiency. This document must be recognized by the Senate at Bahcesehir University Istanbul. If you have previously graduated from an English teaching university, you can provide a document from that former university. This document should verify your proficiency in English.

    After all these steps, your years of wonder at Bahcesehir University start. Have fun, and new experiences, and dive into a vast sea of knowledge. Remember, all of these will be the backbone of your future career.