Study Sociology in Turkey

Studying Sociology in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

A sociology degree incorporates the study of human social relationships and institutions. Economy, politics, history, media, teaching, education, labor, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, law, and crime are all included. 

If you want to study sociology in Turkey, you are in the right place. The duration of education in Turkey is four years. Many universities offer chances for students to specialize in certain topics. 

Students of sociology in Turkey benefit from the multicultural population of the country. It is filled with experiences both academically and practically. 

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    Best Universities to Study Sociology in English in Turkey

    At the personal level, sociology tackles the social causes of things such as family conflict, gender identity, platonic and romantic love, and many more. 

    At the societal level, it explains the relationships between matters such as crime and law, prejudice and discrimination, urban community, social movement, etc. Population growth, migration, war and peace, and economic development follow these topics. 

    Your university must be covering all of these excellently. Studying sociology in Turkey meets this criterion. In Turkey, you learn to identify and explain patterns of human lives. Empirical research techniques such as surveys and interviews are employed in this cause. 

    Especially a sociology student would benefit from cultural diversity, and Turkey comes with the exact recipe. You will have a chance to witness the encounter of different cultures and examine them first-hand.

    All Universities Offering Sociology in Turkey

    Universities that have all the mentioned features are simply the best. Below, you can find the best universities for sociology in Turkey. 

    Bahçeşehir University focuses on three main disciplines: urban sociology, political sociology, and legal sociology. Furthermore, their Sociology Department provides students with minor programs. These programs include sociology, legal sociology; social, gender, and familial psychology. The duration of the education is four years. 

     İstinye University Sociology Department offers education for both academic and field inclinations. A Sociology graduate can pursue private sector, statistical institutions, social services, and public opinion research. 

    Their curriculum consists of four years. The last two years are devoted to specialization through elective courses. Especially in the last year, those who pursue the field of theory can take deepened theoretical lessons. 

    Maltepe University is known for its focus on modern technology. Computer usage in accordance with writing and analysis is important. To these, there is an emphasis on research methods. Students work closely with their faculty members. This helps them to gain experience while learning their own research interests. 

    Curriculum Training for International Sociology Students in Turkey

    Sociology in Turkey, like many other countries, focuses on a diverse range of topics. Communication skills, essential psychology, urbanization, gender, family, religion, and political sociology are prominent topics. On top of these, a sociology degree teaches you academic reporting and methodology of social sciences. Qualitative methods, statistical methods, and computer applications in social sciences are included.

    Graduates of sociology can work in many institutions. However, they can also strive for PhD sociology in Turkey. A good amount of dedication is required for this goal. 

    However, SBH Education is here to share and increase your dedication. Contact us now to get the best guidance for your future dreams.

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