Frequently Asked Questions

 To start your application process, we require 4 photos, a copy of your passport, a high school transcript, and diploma copy (for undergraduate programs) or a university transcript and diploma copy (for graduate programs).

Yes, you can apply with proof that you will graduate this year and transcripts for all years up until your final year.

Our services are free of charge.

Our staff will meet you at the airport and assist you with completing your registration at the university. If your arrival time does not coincide with university office hours, you can stay at our discounted rates at one of our student dormitories near the airport until the office opens. So from the moment you land, both your accommodation and university registration will be ready.

We have a total of 9 student dormitories in Istanbul. You can enroll in the one closest to your university.

We will assist you with all the necessary steps to obtain your residence permit.

No, but if you pay the preparatory program and 4-year tuition fees at once, you will receive a significant discount.

Tuition fees range from 2,000 USD to 20,000 USD.

We will send your documents to the university where you want to study, and we will wait for the conditional acceptance letter. When it arrives, we will share it with you, and you will decide which university you want to attend.

You can review all of our official documents on our website at We are the official representatives of many universities in Turkey, and Sabiha Hanim Student Dormitory has been operating for 17 years.