Study Dentistry In Turkey

Study Dentistry in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

Dentistry in Turkey has a reputation for a good education with low costs. Turkish universities have a global reputation, especially in terms of health services. Acquisition of necessary motor skills for a dentist is guaranteed. Furthermore, Dentistry in Turkey for international students is welcoming in terms of admissions. 

You can apply to a State University with your results of the Turkish YÖS exam. You can also get an acceptance letter from a foundation university. These applications are made with graduation certificates and university entrance exams from the student’s home country.  

In Turkey, you can study dentistry in English or in Turkish. However, if you study dentistry in Turkey in English fees are usually higher. These fees also depend on the university. For an evaluation of your opportunities, contact us now. SBH Education is always ready to help you. 


No entry examination


15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


6 Years


Not needed


Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir


Turkish or English

Dentistry Education in Turkey

There are numerous advantages to studying Medicine in Turkey. Turkish medical universities provide students interested in studying medicine overseas with a high-quality education; other factors include:

Best Universities To Study Dentistry in English in Turkey

One of the advantages to study dentistry in Turkey is the emphasis on specialization. The number of laboratories in universities keeps increasing, allowing for increased chances of practice. 

Many of the best dentistry universities in Turkey have partnerships with hospitals. Furthermore, they are members of the Association for Dental Education in Europe (ADEE). This ensures that your education is on par with the international level.

Thus, your education is further certified with Blue Diplomas. These are additional EU-Diploma Supplies so that your degree is recognized outside of Turkey.

All Universities Offering Study Dentistry in Turkey

Medipol University: Students who complete the first two years of their education are awarded a basic medical sciences diploma. Furthermore, students are required to take a minimum of two electives from a catalog of all departments. 

These electives include courses of independent study, research, and special topics. Istanbul Medipol University Dental Hospital is one of the largest in its area. Students have a chance to practice in this impeccable hospital. 

Yeni Yüzyıl University: This university’s training language is Turkish. They apply and develop dental education in light of the latest technological developments. A prosthetic laboratory and a phantom laboratory are present on their Cevizlibağ campus. Furthermore, their Dental Hospital is open for students to practice and learn under supervision. The Dental Hopsital’s academic, educational, and public facilities are based on the substructure of their Faculty of Dentistry for excellent coordination. 

Istinye University: This university also supports theoretical courses with practice laboratories. Their Digital Laboratories provide access to electronic preparation archives and virtual microscope applications. The Professional Skills (Phantom) Laboratory develops the skills of students through models, simulations, and simulated patients. These preparations are important before the students encounter any real patients. 

You can also consider other universities such as Bahçeşehir University. But don’t worry. You don’t have to search far. Just a quick visit to our website can provide you with all the information you need. 

Curriculum Training for International Study Dentistry Students in Turkey

The duration of dental studies in Turkey is 5 years. These years are divided into two sessions. The first session lasts two years and the second one lasts three years. 

In the first two years, theoretical and practical subjects are taught. This is known as the “pre-clinical phase” because practical subjects are comparatively fewer. Theory always strengthens the practice. 

In the second session, the last three years, students get practical experience in hospitals. This is known as the “clinical phase” in which they demonstrate their theoretical knowledge with practice. 

The academic year for dentistry in Turkey is divided on a quarterly basis. To pass to the next year, every dentistry student must pass every single quarter. Below are some of the courses that dentistry universities in Turkey offer: 

  • General and technological information
  • Prosthetics
  • Dental materials
  • Organic chemistry
  • Medical biology
  • Dental anatomy
  • Biophysics 
  • Physiology

Also, many students are intrigued about studying masters in dentistry in Turkey. Master’s level studies involve specialized study in a field of research or practice. It can take from a year to three to four years. You might also need to write a thesis. However, these are all future worries. Because any excellent future requires an excellent foundation. 

At SBH Education, we recognize the importance of beginnings. Accompanying you at your beginnings, specifically, is our pleasure and pride. Contact us now to take your first step into a great future. We are just a click away.

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