Study Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey

Study Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

Nutrition and Dietetics is an interdisciplinary field. This means that collaboration with other fields is a must. Biology, chemistry, physiology, management, behavioral and social sciences such as psychology are the biggest helpers. With such a vast range of knowledge, graduates of this field can work as dietitians, or athletic counsels. The graduates can also prefer working in the food industry, sports clubs, fitness centers, elderly home care services, and many more.

Moreover, the graduates can pursue an academic life. Master of Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey offers insight into a great culinary culture that has been accumulated throughout many civilizations. The cooking laboratories in Turkey encompass a diverse range of cuisines, each with their own traditional cooking methods. 

Admission to public Turkish universities depends on the Turkish YÖS exam or the American SAT exam. You should also have a high school transcript and a language proficiency exam that verifies your abilities. However, each private university has different requirements, and presenting them in a general format could cause confusion.

However, we have many guides on each university’s student life, admission requirements, faculty details, and international contacts. You can find them all on our website. 


No entry examination


15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


6 Years


Not needed


Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir


Turkish or English

Best Universities To Study Nutrition and Dietetics in English in Turkey

A good Nutrition and Dietetics university considers all health exceptions in its curriculum. This ensures that every different metabolism and genetic factor will receive the best care it can ever get. That way an individual’s lifestyle can prolong their lifespan with the correct counsel’s help. Any Nutrition and Dietetics University in Turkey recognizes this intricate situation and adopts a fitting curriculum. 

Below we list some Turkish universities that are considered among the best universities for Dietetics and Nutrition in Europe.

All Universities Offering Study Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey

Yeni Yüzyıl University: This university’s curriculum considers the importance of globalization. Sharing knowledge and skills at the international level is important. For this, the program is offered in English. 

Students can benefit from predominantly English research articles, books, and other sources of information. The last year of their curriculum focuses on on-the-job training and term projects for active learning. 

Istinye University: Istinye University’s collaborative hospitals assist greatly in their students’ education. These hospitals have advanced technology that will allow students to turn theory into practice, and then into expertise. Internship opportunities are also provided in these hospitals. The language of instruction is Turkish. 

Medipol University: The language of education is Turkish. By the end of the third year, students attend a three-week summer practice program. Following this, the students start an internship journey of seven months. This is a supervised practice program with a general emphasis.

Additionally, the Nutrition Preparation and Cooking Laboratories at Medipol University are spaces for students to gain appropriate applications of cooking methods. 

Fenerbahçe University: Their Nutrition and Dietetics Department aims to train communicative, productive, and responsible dietitians. Their graduates must be scientifically equipped and professionally sensitive. Their laboratories equipped with the latest technological devices support students who prefer Fenerbahçe University.

Curriculum Training for International Study Nutrition and Dietetics Students in Turkey

The curriculum of Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey encompasses all aspects related to nutrition. As we mentioned, it is interdisciplinary and you have courses from different fields. A graduate of Nutrition and Dietetics in Turkey knows how to examine and explain the effects of nutritional values on bodies. The first year of your study focuses on basic biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. 

Here are some of the courses you can expect: 

  • Food Chemistry
  • Immunology
  • Physiology
  • Biochemistry
  • Molecular, Biological and Biomedical Research Methods
  • Human Biology
  • Anatomy
  • Nutritional Science
  • Marketing and Markets of the Food Industry 
  • Quality Assessment of Animal and Vegetable Products
  • Food Law
  • Food Hygiene 

As a result of interdisciplinary education, dietitians are well-versed in many topics. They can develop dietary programs, raise awareness with scientific data, improve healths, and work on preventing diseases. All expert professionals define and evaluate problems, and seek for the best solutions. 

And we understand that you are also seeking the best. Let us help you in this search as SBH Education. With the excellent guidance that our experts can provide, start building your excellent future.

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