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Overview of Medipol University 

Istanbul Medipol University aims to pave the path toward gaining wisdom for all its students. It was founded by the Turkish Foundation for Health Education and Research and the foundation’s founder, Dr. Fahrettin Koca.

It has two campuses located in Haliç and Kavacık, in Istanbul. As a part of a metropolitan city, Medipol University offers a colorful experience of education. This education is offered on two continents, with one college and vocational schools. 

The university is formed in tune with the Bologna Process. One of the most important parts of this process is the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). Accordingly, Medipol University has adopted this system. 

ECTS allocates all components of a study program and gives each kind of work what it deserves. These works include theoretical courses, applications, seminars, examinations, assignments, and independent studies. This considerate approach makes them a leading university with a strong organizational culture and a spirit for business. 

Currently, Istanbul Medipol University offers programs mainly in the fields of health and medical law. Istanbul Medipol University tuition fees depend on the undergraduate program. The language of education is also a significant factor in this situation. 

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Medipol University Departments

Economics and Finance (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
English Language and Literature (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Management Information Systems (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Political Science and International Relations (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Computer Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Industrial Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Architecture (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
New Media and Communication (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Ergotherapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Midwifery (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Pharmacy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Coaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Management (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
VOCATIONAL SCHOOLSTurkishAssociate Degrees2 Years
TÖMER (Turkish Language Course)Turkish CourseLanguage Course1 Year

Medipol University Application Form

    Haliç Campus is near “Golden Horn” (Haliç), in the middle of Bosphorus. With a breathtaking atmosphere, the campus serves with its modern buildings, lobby, and restaurants. Many student clubs regarding art are located on this campus. 

    Furthermore, many international and national meetings are hosted there. The university’s School of Medicine, Dentistry, and English Preparatory Program are offered here together. 

    Kavacık Campus is on the Asian side of Istanbul and has a green and lush forest landscape. It includes a Medical Research Center alongside a spacious basketball field. You can comfortably continue your habits and exercises at Medipol University. Many undergraduate courses are also offered on this campus. Additionally, the Vocational School of Health Sciences is located here. This is a great opportunity when the medical center’s proximity is considered. 

    Kavacık Campus also hosts dormitories for male and female students. The Men’s Dorm is located in the North Campus. The Women’s Dorm is located on the Istanbul Medipol University South Campus. There is no single Istanbul Medipol University address. The university is spread across two continents and has four addresses available. 

    The university has 3 libraries serving in both Kavacık Campus and Haliç Campus. Two of them are located in the South Campus or North Campus of Kavacık, whereas Haliç has one. MEGA Hospital Library is also open. Moreover, you find a reading hall in the North Campus.

    The number of Medipol University international students go up to 8000. The university provides top-notch educational procedures to students from all over the world. Like all the other students, international students can benefit from a total of 133 student clubs. Yes, you read it right. 

    These student clubs actively participate in campus life to enhance everyone’s lives. There are 10 male and 7 female sports teams actively participating in various tournaments. Why not take your part among them? 

    Medipol University has created a “knowledgesociety” consisting of excellent academicians. Each academic member is responsible for training their students in accordance with the real-world conditions. They believe that a bright future can be created thus. 

    Istanbul Medipol University is among the universities that have the highest rate of accredited programs. You can find these fields as undergraduate and graduate programs: 

    • Medicine
    • Health Sciences
    • Pharmacy
    • Business Management
    • Engineering and Natural Sciences
    • Law
    • Education
    • Humanities and Social Sciences
    • Fine Arts Design and Architecture
    • Communication

    Medipol University Istanbul is known for the employment of e-learning programs in education. This method is preferred to remove all the barriers that can prevent healthy education. It is a way to increase the students’ mobility in developing the integrated educational model. The university sees this as an essential approach for an international university. 

    There are nearly 20 research and application centers parallel with the university’s study fields. 

    Istanbul Medipol University Medical Research Center is equipped in line with its purpose. The primary research fields of the center are as follows: 

    • Neurology
    • Regeneration
    • Cardiovascular System Regeneration
    • Epimorphic Regeneration
    • Stem Cell and Cancer Correlation
    • Biocompatible Material
    • Prosthesis and Bio-implants
    • Rehabilitation
    • Neuromodulation 
    • Microbiome
    • Complementary Medicine Application

    Alongside these, the Regeneration and Restorative Medicine Research Center is going to start education in the near future. Medipol University Faculty of Medicine continues to grow. 

    You can find even more research centers and look into their works. For example, there are research centers for: 

    • Health and Pharmaceutical Law
    • Information Technology Law
    • Bio-Law
    • Healthcare Systems and Politics
    • International Law Foreign Policy 
    • Traditional and Complementary Medicine
    • RUHMER (Dream, Sleep, and Hypnosis Research Center)
    • Health Sciences and Technologies

    If the ones above are not among your interests, below are some more research groups in Medipol University:

    • Communications, Signal Processing, and Networking
    • Computational Cameras and Vision
    • Healthcare Systems Modeling and Simulation Group
    • Innovative Polymer Nanotherapeutics Research Group
    • Advanced Computational Biophysics Lab for Designing Targeted and Safe Therapeutic Molecules
    • Living Robotics
    • Sensory Computational Biophysics Lab

    For an even better education, Medipol University offers a Dental Simulation Clinic. It is important for dentistry graduates to possess the required motor skills. The simulations allow students to carry out prescribed operations on 44 artificial patients. This is a first in Turkey. 

    Similarly, Nutrition and Dietetics students are provided with an equally excellent opportunity. The Nutrition Preparation and Cooking Laboratories at Medipol University are spaces for students to gain appropriate applications of cooking methods. Proper preparation methods and fundamental and traditional recipes are studied in a laboratory environment. 

    This is the care and attention to detail that contribute to Medipol University world ranking. In 2020, Medipol University ranking was 20 in Turkey and 734 in the whole world. It was one of the best technical sciences in Turkey in 2020, ranking at 16. 

    Medipol University currently has 169 Erasmus + partnerships all across the globe. 

    Erasmus + is a program to promote young people’s participation in democratic life. Especially, the 2021-2027 program values social inclusion and green-digital transitions. It offers opportunities in: 

    • Higher education
    • Vocational education and training
    • School education
    • Adult education
    • Youth
    • Sport 

    Medipol University spreads these advantages to all fields through its partnerships. The fields range from banking and insurance to new media and communication systems; from biomedical engineering to physical therapy and rehabilitation. Any student has many chances at their dreams. 

    The university continues to establish bilateral agreements with multiple European Higher Education institutions. 

    Medipol University online application details can be found on the university’s website. However, we will go over the basics. 

    It is possible to make a Medipol University application as an international student under these situations:  

    • if you have graduated from a Turkish High School but have a foreign nationality,
    • if you ceased to be a citizen of Turkey by becoming a citizen of another country (thus have a blue card)
    • if you have a foreign nationality and become a Turkish citizen afterward (dual citizenship). 

    However, if you meet these requirements you must submit your Medipol University admission requirements. The transcript of your entire high school education is needed. Besides this, the usual required documents are as follows: 

    • Your Highschool Diploma or Certificate
    • A Transcript Certificate
    • Passport Photo
    • Copy of the personal page of your passport
    • If you have, your TR Foreign ID card
    • If you have, your Blue Card. 

    If you meet the university’s conditions, you will receive an Offer Letter. This letter states the Medipol University tuition fees and program information. The next step is to make a registration payment for an Acceptance Letter. There is no straightforward Medipol University application form

    After receiving your Acceptance Letter, you should apply for a short time visa. It’s time for you to visit the university’s International Office. 

    • Notarized Turkish Translation of the High School Diploma or Certificate
    • High School Graduation Equivalency Certificate
    • Notarized Turkish Translation of the Transcript
    • Notarized Turkish Translation of the Personal Page of the Passport
    • Two Passport Photos
    • Bank Receipt
    • Financial Sponsorship Letter
    • Signed Offer Letter

    There are three types of fees when it comes to Medipol University: List tuition fee, installment fee, and advance payment. Each changes from field to field. Moreover, different scholarship opportunities change the rates of Medipol University fees

    Yet, one thing never changes: Our support for you. Here at SBH | Education, our professionals are always by your side. Fill out the form on our website or simply call us. Together, we will make your dreams come true.