Study Medicine in Turkey for International Students

Studying Medicine in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

 Studying medicine in Turkey as an international student could actually be advantageous when it comes to admissions. As an international student, you have various ways to apply to study in Turkey. Also, Turkey always offers an affordable medical program. So let’s have a look at the requirements of the application.

First of all, you have to complete a high school education program and have an average score of at least 70%. If you haven’t graduated high school yet and are a senior, you can still apply to the program with a temporary graduation certificate which you can obtain from your school.

Every university has its own requirements for accepting international students. For some universities, a high school graduation certificate is adequate for the application. Most universities require an exam, such as YOS or other international entrance exams like SAT, ACT, etc. You may still be able to apply to some of the universities which require an entrance exam but students with an adequate exam result will have the upper hand for admissions. In this case, you might want to consider taking an entrance exam as well as keeping your average score high as possible.

YOS is an undergraduate entrance examination for public universities. It is taken by international students and each university administers its own YOS exam. While 80% of the questions are testing your basic learning skills, the other 20% test your Turkish level. You need Turkish proficiency of at least B1 level to be able to take this exam. 

You should keep in mind that some universities may absolutely require YOS exam results, while some of them don’t accept them at all. While it changes from school to school, private schools in Turkey often accept international exam results. Additionally, some schools might require a language proficiency certificate such as IELTS/TOEFL scores to ensure your English skills if your education will be in English. This is mostly the case with private universities. 

You may need to write a letter of motivation, as most universities pay attention to those letters. Depending on the university, it might play a crucial role in admission. 

A valid passport is of course included in the application checklist too. Depending on your citizenship situation, you might need additional documents in your application. 

You can apply directly via the university websites since the country does not have a centralized application system.

When it comes to tuition, Turkey is one of the cheapest countries to study medicine in and does not compromise on the quality of education. It’s also possible to find a scholarship to decrease the financial burden on students. The cost of MBBS in Turkey averages between 15,000 – 25,000 USD. There are also some public universities that are pretty inexpensive with less than 10,000 USD in tuition cost annually. It’s also a highly affordable country in terms of  living expenses.

For example; despite Turkey being a pretty affordable country to study in, the MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students’ fee structure and the living expenses are still quite expensive for the current purchasing power of the country. But in terms of hospitality and general experience, MBBS in Turkey for Pakistani students is still an excellent opportunity to experience.


No entry examination


15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


6 Years


Not needed


Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir


Turkish or English

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    All Universities Offering Medicine in Turkey

    You can find both MD and MSc medical programs in either public or private schools. Turkish medical universities provide both in a great  manner and with lots of practice. Those programs are leveled as undergraduate or second-cycle master’s degrees. Medical universities in Turkey typically take 6 years but in some specific cases, it can take up to 7.

    Medicine study in Turkey is highly regarded internationally.

    Best Universities To Study Medicine in English in Turkey

    Bahcesehir University 

    The BAU school of medicine is completed in English. Every year, 1500 international students on average apply for this school’s medical program from all over the world but around 83 students are admitted only. We can say that it’s quite competitive to get into this medical school. You need to supplement your online application with an essay including your passions, ambitions, and extracurricular activities along with your reasons to choose the study of medicine and specifically this school as your future path. You also need to submit a certificate of English skills to prove your proficiency. Additional certificates might be in your favor in admissions.

    Its education process is also quite challenging. This school aims to educate scientists along with excellent doctors. The school’s curriculum is unique and it includes twice as many anatomy classes as other medical schools. Since you’ll be graded with exams at the end of the year instead of on a  semester basis, you won’t be able to repeat a semester.

    Halic University

    The medical program of this university is in high demand by international students. Medical education in this school Has been given in Turkish but recently the school started to offer it in English as well. The tuition cost of such a medical program is stated as 13,000 USD for education in Turkish and 16,000 USD for education in English.

    Yeni Yuzyil University

    Yeni Yuzyil University offers a medical program in Turkish. You need to have an adequate exam result for entry, either YOS or other international entrance exam results. The tuition cost ranges between 10,000 – 17,000 USD

    Istinye University

    This university offers education in both Turkish and English. The school accepts a whole variety of entrance exam results as long as it proves your sufficiency. You’re expected to complete a year of education in biology and chemistry areas with at least an 80% success rate in order to be accepted. You also need to own a relevant language proficiency certificate depending on the language you’re responsible for. The tuition for the school ranges from around 20,000 USD for education in Turkish and around 24,000 USD for education in English. There are additional charges for language proficiency education. 

    Medipol University

    You can submit a variety of entrance exam results for this program too. You’re also expected to have a specific level of proficiency in English. 

    Maltepe University

    This school offers education in both English and Turkish. You need to prove your proficiency in each language. You don’t need an entry exam for admission but if you have one, uploading it would be beneficial. The tuition for education in Turkish costs 10,000 USD and education in English costs 14,000 USD.

    Curriculum and Clinical Training for International Medical Students in Turkey

    Almost all of the Turkish schools of medicine are accredited by international educational organizations and compatible with EU standards. Turkey offers education on par with any international higher school of medicine. Medical school associates in Turkish medical schools are quite valuable and practical in their specialties too.

    The typical medical program in Turkey is divided in three. The first three years consist of theoretical classes, the following two years are clerkship years and the last year is entirely for the internship as a doctor. After graduation; you can take the medical specialty exam (TUS) and continue your education in a specific area of your desire, or you can start doing your obligatory duty shifts.

    All Universities offering Medicine in Turkey

    • Altinbas University
    • Ankara Medipol University
    • Atilim University
    • Biruni University
    • Haliç University
    • İstanbul Atlas University
    • İstanbul Medipol University
    • İstanbul Okan University
    • İstanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University
    • İstinye University
    • Üsküdar University
    • Yeditepe University

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