Best Universities in Turkey

Turkey is known for its diverse social life that enhances especially undergraduate lives. As a result, studying in Turkey presents itself as an appealing opportunity that promises not only an excellent education but also an abundance of experiences. Over 200 universities spread across Turkey conform to the Bologna Agreement that standardizes degree programs across Europe. This means that your degree will be valid almost everywhere. Why not consider improving yourself with good universities in Turkey when the niceties are plenty?

Below, we will go over the best universities in Turkey whether you want to study medicine, pharmacy, or engineering. Our lists also include the top 10 universities in Turkey.

Just like everywhere else, private universities are more expensive than public ones. But some are really worth it with the opportunities they provide. There are also accommodations offered at Turkish universities. For example, you can stay at dormitories at reasonable prices, use the university cafeterias which serve 2 or 3 meals every day, and benefit from low student transportation costs and scholarships. Also, 1 US Dollar equals almost 19 Turkish Liras as of now. As a result, choosing one of the private universities in Turkey is extra affordable nowadays.

Here is a small list of private universities in Turkey.

  •       Fenerbahce University
  •       Kadir Has University
  •       Bahcesehir University
  •       Halic University
  •       Yeni Yuzyil University
  •       Istinye University
  •       Medipol University
  •       Maltepe University

Don’t worry, we are not leaving you only with names. We went over every single one of them down below.


        Public Universities in Turkey

Compared to Europe or the United States, public universities in Turkey are very affordable. Many of them offer English-taught programs as well so you don’t really need to learn a whole new language.

Finding yourself in a completely new culture can be puzzling at first. You might confuse your left and right -weird, we know, but that’s how they say it in Turkish- or simply get tired of using translating apps. Even this is enough to say that the best universities in Turkey for international students are the ones that teach in English. There are other reasons too, of course. For example, Turkey is more affordable not only in terms of education but also living expenses. You can easily find accommodation at reasonable prices and still have good finances to afford your other needs, such as entertainment! Universities in Turkey for international students also offer lively campuses as a result of a mixture of many great cultures

Universities in Turkey for medicine offer globally recognized degrees with programs offered in English. Without the language barrier, it is an excellent choice. Halic University and Medipol University are some of the best medical universities in Turkey for international students. Many are known for their exchange programs which makes them the best ones to accommodate foreign students.

It might be hard for you to study medicine in your home country. But Turkey is one of the most affordable countries to study medicine in. Lower cost of living and available scholarships also offer the best financial situation for you to focus on your education. Also, real-life experience in Turkish university hospitals is priceless. There is no entrance examination and no IELTS or TOEFL needed to apply. Below we offer some medical universities in Turkey that you can look into further.

Maltepe University: Maltepe University offers a program of 6 years for a medical degree. The education is offered in Turkish and English and each has several scholarship options. You can either get a %100 scholarship, a %25 scholarship, or wholly pay for the tuition depending on your previous academic success. When you graduate with a bachelor’s degree from Maltepe University, you will also receive a Diploma Supplement so that your degree is internationally recognized.



Medipol University: The university offers 24 undergraduate programs that are taught in English, including medicine. Their medicine education offers an exceptional environment for the best cultivation of students’ minds. The education offered lasts six years after passing an English language proficiency exam. Then the student enters a period of learning a basic science curriculum enhanced by an innovative format. Clinical skills are introduced from the very beginning.


Istinye University: Istinye University focuses on the relationship between technology and medicine in order to optimize future healthcare services. Accordingly, their faculty uses an Integrated Medical Education system that integrates basic and clinical medical science within their education program. The first three years consist of theoretical training that leads to practice in a Clinical Skills and Simulation Lab before working with real patients.

Yeni Yuzyil University: With their dean’s words, medicine is a field “that draws its strength from the love towards humanity.” The education is supplied with social sciences and ethics in order to graduate the best students with ultimate care. They also consider the pace of changes in the field and constantly re-evaluate their education program in accordance with international standards.

Bahcesehir University: Their medical school curriculum incorporates twice as many anatomy hours as other schools. Student performance gets evaluated at the end of the academic year. They value a passion for science alongside extracurricular activities. Enrichment of their students’ minds is of great value when one considers their challenging curriculum. Individual matters, so, an essay with intricate details is required for application. Only 36 international students from roughly 1000 applicants are admitted each year.

The pharmacy does not only deal with the production and distribution of drugs but also their effects on people’s bodies. While considering a university to study pharmacy at, it is important to keep the patient, the human, in mind because only an all-inclusive education can promise you to be an excellent pharmacist. Studying pharmacy at the best universities in Turkey is a choice that provides all of these factors: chemistry, biology, and good human relations.

A graduate with a pharmacy degree in Turkey can be:

  •       Staff in pharmacy companies
  •       A pharmacist
  •       A medical support staff in healthcare centers
  •       And a healthcare consultant.

Below we have included only the best. Pick and choose.


Medipol University: As one of the best pharmacy universities in Turkey, Medipol University offers a five-year program of pharmaceutical science in Turkish and English both. They are research focused with the aim of advancing and understanding healthcare by means of studying and creating new medicines.

Istinye University: Their Faculty of Pharmacy aims to train “8 Star Pharmacists”. According to World Health Organization (WHO), these stars are: “Caregiver, decision-maker, communicator, manager, lifelong learner, teacher, leader and researcher”. Their views of pharmacy are both medication and patient-centered instead of only medication-centered which value effective communication and sympathy.

Yeni Yuzyil University: Spending plenty of time in the lab during your five years at Yeni Yuzyıl University will turn you into a reliable and fully-equipped pharmacist. A wide range of internship possibilities during different periods and in different locations await you in this experience-filled program. Theory and practice go hand in hand with their Pharmacy Department with the support of hardware and equipment needed for everything.

Bahcesehir University: Bahcesehir University offers competency in R&D and quality analyses of pharmaceutical products. Keeping up-to-date with the current literature as excellent social providers is important for them; expertise in foreign languages, especially English, is crucial. The graduates of Bahcesehir University will be pharmacists who are knowledgeable about, starting from, the developmental stages of products and ending in the best ways to market them.

Engineering Universities in Turkey are extremely internationalized. This means that they are open to international students from all over the world. There are also many scholarships available for those interested in research and master studies. In order to be a top engineer, being part of research groups that conduct, especially, R&D work for the industry is important. Below are some of the engineering universities in Turkey with their expertises so that you can look further into the most intriguing one.

Bahcesehir University: The Department of Engineering at Bahcesehir University trains entrepreneurs, leading engineers, and scientists. The faculty teaches only in English and provides education at universal standards. They offer biomedical, industrial, energy systems, civil, management, mechatronics, software, and artificial intelligence engineering alongside molecular biology and genetics. Their graduates are competent engineers who have developed critical thinking and problem-solving skills, highly proficient in effective communication and cooperation. To further enhance their opportunities, Distance Education Technologies are employed. The students can access information whenever, wherever.

Istinye University: With a focus both on physics and biology, Istinye University offers education in many engineering fields. Starting from biomedical engineering and bioinformatics, now-traditional fields such as civil engineering are included. The Faculty highly values adaptability to change in fast-paced times and they are determined to train fully-fledged engineers.

Halic University: They consider their students’ accomplishments as their own and strive to always enhance their careers. As such, social and professional ethics are of high priority to them alongside hard work and well-disciplined manners. They offer Industrial, software, mechanical, electrical and electronics engineering.

Yeni Yuzyıl University: Their engineering faculty provides training in international standards according to modern needs and conditions. They offer Biomedical Engineering as a contemporary branch of science for those interested in both medicine and engineering. For Electrical and Electronic Engineering, they offer training under the management of experienced teachers that also value cultural values and are keen on solving problems with scientific approaches. Yeni Yuzyıl University values your creativity.

Kadir Has University: Applying the “KHAS New Education Model”, Kadir Has University exceeds the traditional education models. With a one-year core curriculum, ethics and modernity are aimed. Afterward, the Project-Based Education Model takes over, starting from the second year. They offer electrical and electronics, industrial, and mechatronic engineering as well as molecular biology and genetics.

With high-skilled educational staff, professional computer engineering training in Turkey combines theory, practice, and research for a dynamic experience. Universities offer all of their facilities to ensure an excellent education that does not stay only on the diploma but promises high proficiency in the field as well. Best computer engineering universities in Turkey offer education both in English and Turkish. However, TOEFL for English education and TÖMER for Turkish education is needed, depending on which you prefer.

Some universities require a certain GPA (Grade Point Average) whereas private universities are more forgiving in this respect. However, if you are applying for scholarships, a higher average is needed for top universities in Turkey.

 Bahcesehir University: Bahcesehir University holds a firm place among the best in Turkey. The Computer Engineering Department mainly cherishes four branches: Embedded systems, computer networks and mobile communications, artificial intelligence, and information systems. For the best education, the department pursues collaborative efforts with the Software Engineering Department of the university. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered.

Istinye University: Their Computer Engineering department established a Medical Artificial Intelligence Research and Application Center with other engineering fields. They have the first medical doctor faculty member with expertise in Oncology who has been appointed to a Computer Engineering Department and alongside medicine and pharmacy, cooperative projects between fields are highly important.

Fenerbahce University: The department of Computer Engineering offers education and research on computer system structure, development and effective use methods. Solutions are to be entrepreneurial and innovative. Accordingly, their education program focalizes the training of investigative computer engineers. After the English preparatory class, basic engineering courses are offered for two years. Starting from the third year, students may indulge in specific areas through elective courses.