Study Computer Engineering in Turkey

Studying Computer Engineering in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

What is computer engineering? Computer Engineering is a field that focuses on the working mechanism of computer systems. Furthermore, it is concerned with integrating these systems into a larger picture of sciences. Computer science departments started in the science colleges of universities whereas computer engineering has its roots in engineering. There is a significant amount of overlap and differences between the fields. Each university tackles this situation differently. 

Computer Science Engineering programs in Turkey have a duration of 4 years. In many universities, computer engineering students can choose specific areas to focus on in their junior and senior years. The field requires a large amount of knowledge and dividing it into parts even during an undergraduate degree is required. Some universities, however, require their students to complete two years of general engineering before allowing them to delve deeper into computer engineering. 

There are 3 different course groups in those 4 years: mathematics, software, and hardware courses. A computer engineering university requires students to pass these in order to receive a bachelor’s degree. Furthermore, software engineering topics are added to these 3 main fields.


No entry examination


15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


6 Years


Not needed


Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir


Turkish or English

All Universities Offering Computer Engineering in Turkey

There are many intricacies when it comes to computer engineering. The first one differentiates it from computer science. This might sound trivial, but you should consider a university only after learning the differences. What is the difference between computer science and computer engineering? Computer Engineering employs principles from Computer Science and Electrical Engineering to create hardware and firmware products. Whereas hardware re physical components, firmware ranges from medical devices to aircraft. The wide range of foci requires a large quantity of information. A computer engineer should know how to develop, prototype, and test circuits, processors, microchips, and any other components used in modern technology. 


What is computer science engineering? Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) compiles Computer Engineering and Computer Science. Almost all universities in Turkey offer all three fields together. Since there is not a clear distinction between the fields, it is important to check the curriculums of each university. For example, Medipol University offers Computer Science and Engineering, whereas Bahcesehir University and Halic University offer only Computer Engineering. 


Is computer science engineering hard? There is a lot of math and physics involved in both computer engineering and computer sciences. Without a good background, it can be challenging to go further into the field. However, that is the reason that universities focus on general engineering for the first two years or offer chances to specialize in specific topics. A good university matters a lot in this respect. The best computer engineering schools in the world provide you with support and guidance. 

Best Universities to Study Computer Engineering in English in Turkey

Turkey is a top choice among students interested in a Bachelor of Computer Engineering degree. The curriculum is challenging but it is perfect to cultivate your skills in a flexible way. In Turkey, many of the best universities for computer engineering are located in Istanbul. Among them, private universities stand out for international students. This is due to their partnership programs, rich resources, and funding as well as their familiarity with foreign students. There are small differences in each university’s teaching methods and understanding of computer sciences and engineering. 

The Computer Engineering Department at Bahçeşehir University, for example, offers computer science labeled under computer engineering. Meanwhile, Istinye University distinctly separates computer science from its engineering and offers only computer engineering programs. Thus, Istinye University can be clearly labeled among computer engineering schools. Fenerbahçe University presents its students with the opportunity to specialize in computer science in their third and fourth years. This specialization happens with elective courses and if a student wishes, they can choose other areas of interest as well. You might ask “what is search engine in computer?” and direct your education towards information retrieval systems. All is possible. 

Curriculum Training for International Computer Engineering Students in Turkey

After enrolling in a good university in Turkey, you will most likely need to pass an English proficiency exam. This applies only if the program you are applying to is taught in English. If you apply for a Turkish program, however, you will be required to provide documents verifying your fluency in Turkish.

Introduction to electronics, circuit analysis, signal processing, embedded systems computer networks and vision, programming principles, computer architecture, and autonomous robotics are some of the classes offered in a computer engineering program. The order or the method of offering these subjects, as mentioned above, depends on the university. Programs also offer chemistry, calculus, physics, and all the main components of a STEM degree.

Yes, you totally can. You will have already acquired a profound amount of knowledge in mathematics, computation, computer architecture, and programming. These are enough for you to start pursuing a career in software engineering. Furthermore, with your computer engineering/science skills you can set off to a career in business, mathematics, and many more. You can work as an independent contractor or work with design firms. You might even add natural sciences to your skill set and work in medicine. 

Becoming a computer engineer in Turkey opens up many paths. Similarly, SBH Education opens up a clear roadmap for your future education. We went over many details, and they all were dependent on specific circumstances. To find the ideal university for you, you might need some personal and reliable guidance from a set of experts. Contact us now, and get the smooth sailing experience that you deserve. 

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