Study Psychology in Turkey

Studying Psychology in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

You have decided to study psychology in Turkey, and now it’s time to do some research. It is a whole new country, with a new culture, and new customs. Well, you are at the right place to learn everything you need. And more! 

The regular duration of studies in Turkey is 4 years, and 8 semesters. During those 4 years, you will learn the basics of psychology and find out the sub-field you are most interested in. 

However, what about psychology outside Turkey? Will your degree be accepted internationally? Which sub-fields can you specialize in? And more importantly, which courses are generally offered? Read below to find out more. 

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    15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


    6 Years


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    Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir


    Turkish or English

    All Universities Offering Psychology in Turkey

    When you study psychology in Turkey, your degree is accepted worldwide. Below are some of the advantages: 

    • The ECTS Credit System is applied to the transcripts of the students. This allows them to transfer abroad easily. 
    • The GPA system of the transcripts has adopted the USA- GPA system. This allows them to transfer to the USA and Canada easily. 
    • The Psychological Ecole in Turkey adopts European and American diagnostic systems. This allows you to apply your education abroad. 
    • The Bologna Process equalizes your degree from Turkey to the EU. 
    • The Psychology Boards in the USA accept diplomas as you study psychology in Turkey in English

    Sounds appealing, doesn’t it? You are not alone. Many international students prefer Turkey for studying Psychology every year. 

    Best Universities to Study Psychology in English in Turkey

    All the best psychology universities in Turkey agree to the Bologna Process. This ensures that the curriculum of psychology is on par with EU-Standards. 

    We are happy to tell you that you will also receive a Blue Diploma while graduating. This is a Diploma Supply that certifies the EU-Equivalency of your diploma. This way, your education in Turkey does not limit you but enhances your future.

    The State Universities in Turkey usually offer education in Turkish. Those that offer education in English accept YÖS or SAT results only.

    Curriculum Training for International Psychology Students in Turkey

    A graduate from the top psychology universities in Turkey can work in all sub-branches of psychology. Their education allows them to experience various cases and accumulate a vast amount of knowledge. When this rich cultivation is considered, their diploma allows them to work in diverse fields. 

    Students of psychology start with introductory courses. These courses concern psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, and philosophy. The rest of the courses are built upon these base courses. 

    Further education usually consists of developmental, social, experimental, behavioral, physiological psychology, and psychopathology. To these, theories of personality are added. 


    But this is not all. Psychology is a science. As such, you need to learn scientific applications as well. Statistical methods and applications, mathematics for social sciences, and psychological measurement courses are waiting for you. 

    Hold on, there is more. You should be able to explain your observations and measurements. This explanation is done in formal and specific formats. Courses regarding clinical reporting and academic recording also accompany you. And there you have it: your Bachelor’s Degree! 

    However, a Psychology Bachelor alone does not qualify you to work in the clinical field. Further qualification in Clinical Psychology enables you to work in hospitals, psychiatric institutions, and special-need schools. Or you can open your own therapy praxis. An average master’s degree has a duration of 2 to 3 years. Afterward, the Ph.D. The degree takes up to 3-4 years. 

    Top 10 Clinical Psychology Programs in Turkey

    Medipol University offers a master’s degree in clinical psychology both with a thesis and without a thesis. To apply, you need to have graduated from an affiliated field. This field must have had a duration of four years. This university employs brainstorming, study cases, mind maps, and roleplaying. 

    Bahçeşehir University also offers the program with and without a thesis. However, a MA degree in Psychology is required for application. Afterward, the program takes four, a maximum of six, semesters. If you fail your thesis dissertation, you acquire a master’s diploma without a thesis. During the dissertation period, you will work with an academic advisor who will guide you through the process. 

    Both of these universities are among the top 10 clinical psychology programs in Turkey. And a quick admission is just a click away with SBH Education. Let us help you with the best guidance there is.

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