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About Yeni Yuzyil University

Overview of Yeni Yuzyil University

Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University is a foundation university. It was founded by Vatan Health and Education Foundation in 2009. Vatan Hospitals are famous in the history of Turkish private health services. While this might indicate an emphasis on health fields, Yeni Yuzyıl University provides all education with equal care. 

Yeni Yuzyil University’s education is offered in cooperation with government institutions, private sector and civil society institutions, and expert organizations. The goal is to provide education at a global level and equip all students with the best skills, knowledge, and spirit. 

Student Life at Yeni Yuzyil University

The main campus of the university is called Dr. Azmi Oftuoğlu Campus. It is located in Topkapı, Istanbul. Most of the education is provided there and executive offices are located there as well. The campus has two separate buildings: the main building and the annex. In both buildings, there are classrooms, laboratories, workshops, TV, radio, and photo studios, a library, a conference room, a dance hall, a dining hall, and cafes. 

Cevizlibağ Campus is focused on health and medicine. Life Sciences and Technologies Laboratory, and Forensic Sciences Laboratory can be found there. These laboratories are open to fields of Medicine, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Biomedical Engineering, Nutrition and Dietetics, Pharmacy, Forensic Genetics, and more. 

For dentistry, work life and education go hand in hand. The Faculty of Dentistry at Yeni Yuzyıl University serves as a faculty and hospital in the European side of Istanbul. 

23 student clubs of Yeni Yuzyil University are active in a diverse range of fields. From a biotech club to a theater one, you can find almost all your interests and pursue them with the brightest minds.

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Yeni Yuzyil University Departments

Economics and Finance (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
English Language and Literature (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Management Information Systems (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Political Science and International Relations (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Computer Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Industrial Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Architecture (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
New Media and Communication (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Ergotherapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Midwifery (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Pharmacy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Coaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Management (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
VOCATIONAL SCHOOLSTurkishAssociate Degrees2 Years
TÖMER (Turkish Language Course)Turkish CourseLanguage Course1 Year

Yeni Yuzyil University Application Form

    The school first started with 10 faculties, 2 vocational schools, and 3 institutes. Nowadays, they have 27 departments and 25 associate degree programs. 16 of these are with the Vocational School of Health and 9 are with the Vocational School of Higher Education. 

    Additionally, 3 institutes offer graduate education. In total, 16 master’s degree programs are offered by the Institute of Health Sciences, the Institute of Social Sciences, and the Institute of Science and Technology. The university also offers 2 doctorate programs. 

    Furthermore, Gaziosmanpaşa Hospital serves for the student’s practical training. The hospital has 117 polyclinics, 12 surgery rooms, 254 sick rooms, and 336 total numbers of beds. They also have a library with books and online services.

    Yeni Yuzyıl University Vocational School also offers an excellent education at an international level. Their rigorous curriculum prepares students for an active work life that involves critical thinking and problem-solving. Students receive support from co-operated institutions and industry associations related to their field of study. This presents lots of experience and wisdom for their future carriers. 

    Yeni Yuzyıl University English education is offered only in 3 departments: English Language and Literature, English Translation and Interpreting, and Nutrition and Dietetics.

    Education and teaching are maintained by 589 foreign and native academicians. The Yeni Yuzyil University ranking in Turkey is 146. Despite its short history, this is a big success. 

    Yeni Yüzyıl University is committed to internationalization. It adopts the principles of Erasmus + as a tool to enhance the quality of its education. 

    It currently has 77 bilateral institutional partners across the globe. These partners are spread across Italy, Spain, Greece, Germany, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Belgium, Hungary, Czech Republic, Croatia, the Republic of Macedonia, Lithuania, Slovenia, and Slovakia. 

    Almost all of their fields find opportunities under these partnerships. From Midwifery and Languages and Literatures to Business Administration and Interior Design, all receive benefits. All incoming Erasmus + students receive a buddy from Yeni Yuzyıl University for friendly advice.

    Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University foreign students application changes for Associate & Bachelor’s degrees and Master&PhD degrees. 

    Documents required for associate and bachelor’s degree applications: 

    • Online Application Form,
    • Result certificate of examinations and diplomas required,
    • High school diploma with a notarial or consular certified copy (this copy must be in English or Turkish),
    • Foreign Student Examination (YÖS) Examination Result Document or the result of an international exam accepted by the university,
    • Official transcript
    • Proof of applicant’s English and/or Turkish proficiency 
    • Photocopy of the personal information page on the passport 
    • 4 photos
    • Pre-registration fee receipt.

    Please keep in mind that all documents required must be sent to the Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University’s International Student Office according to the admissions calendar. You can find the Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Foreign Students Office number and address on the university’s website. 

    The applicant must be in the final year of high school or in a state of graduation. 

    Yeni Yuzyıl University fees for the undergraduate programs change between 17.000$ and 2.300$. Medicine, dentistry, and pharmacy require 17.000$, 16.000$, and 10.000$ respectively. Other fees range between 4000$ and 2300$.

    Documents required for Master’s and Ph.D. programs: 

    • Online application form 
    • Transcript 
    • Certified copy of the bachelor’s or master’s diploma from the foreign representative
    • Photo
    • Two reference letters
    • Photocopy of passport
    • Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
    • Foreign language proficiency exams for graduate programs applications
    • Graduation degrees

    If you have any further questions, you can contact the Istanbul Yeni Yuzyıl University Foreigner Students office number

    The fees for master’s degrees range between 4500$ and 5000$. Ph.D. fees are stated as 9500$. Furthermore, Prosthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics amount to 15000$ yearly. You can find further details of your desired degree on the university’s website. 

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