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Overview of Maltepe University

Maltepe University was established on July 9, 1997. It is a private university located in the Maltepe district of Istanbul. It is founded under “Istanbul Marmara Education Foundation” (IMEV). The institution itself is known for its broad scope of education starting from elementary school to university. 

Maltepe University Istanbul aims to produce projects related to the present and the future of society. They believe that it can be achieved only through scientific research carried forth by qualified education. To this end, the university strives to present its students with unique opportunities. 

The current Maltepe University Ranking is 18 in Istanbul and 65 in Turkey. This success is thanks to their Quality Management Office. The office closely monitors the quality of higher education and always betters it. 

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Maltepe University Departments

Economics and Finance (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
English Language and Literature (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Management Information Systems (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Political Science and International Relations (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Psychology (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Computer Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Industrial Engineering (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Architecture (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
New Media and Communication (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Public Relations and Advertising (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Radio, Television and Cinema (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Ergotherapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Nursing (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Nutrition and Dietetics (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Midwifery (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (English)EnglishBachelor4 Years
Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Speech and Language Therapy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Pharmacy (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Exercise and Sport Sciences (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Physical Education and Sports Teaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Coaching (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
Sports Management (Turkish)TurkishBachelor4 Years
VOCATIONAL SCHOOLSTurkishAssociate Degrees2 Years
TÖMER (Turkish Language Course)Turkish CourseLanguage Course1 Year

Maltepe University Application Form

    Social and cultural events at Maltepe University Turkey encourage participation. You can find students’ experiences on the university’s website. We can share a few examples. Some meet e-Sports at the university and gain a new passion, some find their own software clubs. Each experience carries a different shade, however, they all share one common point: recommendation. 

    Maltepe University is recommended by students for its international life. The school’s calming library, gyms, and walking areas are praiseworthy. The substantiality of their academic infrastructure facilities such as laboratories, information, and document centers accompanies their quality. Maltepe University Istanbul Turkey calls its mission a “Quality Journey”.

    Maltepe University dormitory consists of three floors. It has two apartments on each floor. In these, two rooms are side by side with their own bathroom in the middle. In total, four rooms share one kitchen. One or at most two students can stay in the dorms. Beds, wardrobes, bookcases, coat racks, desks, and work chairs for each student are included. All rooms have a refrigerator and unlimited wireless internet connection.

    Maltepe University has 9 faculties consisting of education, fine arts, law, communication, humanities and social sciences, business and management sciences, architecture and design, engineering and natural sciences, and medicine. 

    Maltepe University Faculty of Medicine undertakes three main disciplines: Basic Medical Sciences, Internal Medical Sciences, and Surgical Medical Sciences. Moreover, you can find a diverse catalog of fields under other faculties as well. Mathematics Teacher Training, English Language Training, Guidance and Psychological Sciences are some of the fields under the Faculty of Education. 

    The Faculty of Fine Arts offers Cartoon and Animation, Gastronomy and Culinary Arts, Graphic Arts, and Performing Arts. The faculty admits students based on their special talents exam results. 

    The list goes on, and you can find others on the university’s website. Or you can find detailed explanations of each field on our website, including the top universities they are offered at. 

    Maltepe University conducts research on a variety of topics. They cherish both STEM and social sciences. As such, you can find research centers on human rights, social sciences, women and family studies, distance education, entrepreneurship, and business development and application. Or you can take an interest in environmental and energy technology, experimental animal application, cancer and stem cell, and health law application research centers. 

    Maltepe University established its International Office in 2004. The purpose of the office is to build partnerships with prominent international organizations. They believe adaptation to rapid changes can only be made through correct relationships. 

    Maltepe University has signed a total of 626 mobility agreements with 122 departments of 109 universities. These universities are spread across 27 countries. The success of the Maltepe University International Office is fascinating. 

    As such, the university has been hosting international students since 2004. Maltepe University International Student Congress is an amazing platform for students to come together. The Congress is free of charge because the university sponsors it. Undergraduate, master of science, or doctoral students can participate in the Congress. You can submit your papers and if they get accepted, you can present them in the Congress. Furthermore, you can co-write your papers with a maximum of three authors. Then you will start working on a Powerpoint Presentation. 

    There are specific deadlines you need to follow. The details of each year’s congress are posted on the university’s website. This includes a full schedule of the Congress. At the end of the congress, you will receive a certificate of attendance. You don’t want to miss it. Maltepe University world ranking is worth considering alongside a certificate from them.

    Application to Maltepe University is made easy by SBH Education. However, let’s go over some basics. Our example field for this will be Maltepe University Medicine:

    • First of all, Maltepe University Medicine fees are 97.623 Turkish Liras for the English program. Or, you can get into it with a scholarship for free. 
    • You need a success rank of the top 50.000 in the QNT score type in order to get in. 
    • You must submit a copy of your high school diploma according to international exam and diploma types at Maltepe University online application
    • If your high school diploma is absent, a temporary graduation certificate and certificates regarding your GPAs per year are necessary. Optionally, your SAT results must be submitted too. 
    • You should submit a copy of your latest transcript available. 
    • A copy of the ID page from your valid passport is required. 
    • Since you will be studying in an English-taught program, you should submit some language exam results. The requirements differ for each field, and you should check them accordingly. 

    Every Maltepe University application is accepted online. The requirements change from program to program. So, you should check out the fees of your desired field. This is an intricate process. However, SBH Education is here to help you whenever you wish.