Study Architecture in Turkey

Study Architecture in Turkey: Programs, Admissions for International Students

The duration of undergraduate education for architecture in Turkey consists of four years. All the universities listed in this article offer education in English. 

Most architecture universities in Turkey have similar admission requirements. You must first fill out an application form. Afterward, a few documents are required. Your high school certificate must be submitted. Additionally, a passport photo, and the page of your passport that includes your photograph is needed. 

Architecture scholarships in Turkey are also great opportunities for your ease of education. The fees range from university to university. However, you can freely choose your university based on your special interests. No need to worry about money, for architecture study in Turkey scholarships are plenty. 

However, if you find it hard to choose, contact us now. Here at SBH Education, we will help you in finding the best route for your dreams. Start bright for the brightest future! 


No entry examination


15.000$ – 27.500$ per year


6 Years


Not needed


Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir


Turkish or English

Best Universities To Study Architecture in English in Turkey

You can look up all the famous architecture in Turkey and lose yourself in amazement. Consider Hagia Sophia and Basilica Cistern. Picture the Red Tower and Hurrem Sultan Hamami. Every one is the display of a different genius. This is one of the biggest reasons to study architecture in Turkey. 

Best architecture schools in Turkey see these old masters and combine them with modern times. As a result, their education has a bright future built upon an extremely sturdy foundation. 

In your education, you will learn about design, drawing, and building developments throughout history. All of these will reflect on your future projects. As such, it is important to choose your university based on little differences of focus they have on different periods.

All Universities Offering Study Architecture in Turkey

All architecture colleges in Turkey meet on one point: dedication. We will go over a general curriculum below. But first, let’s consider some of the best architecture universities in Turkey

Medipol University: The university employs a unique model that integrates architectural studio themes with art, architectural history, and professional practice. They see this combination as the best in creating a strong foundation for their students. Moreover, they focus on teaching “three pillars of sustainability”: economical, social, and ecological bases. 

Istinye University: The Architecture and Design education at this university focuses on utopias and manifestos. They accept students as partners of education, rather than apprentices. They also consider the potential of Anatolian architecture. As a result, you can expect a good formation about Islamic architecture in Turkey

Bahçeşehir University: This university presents a colorful curriculum that borrows from other fields. This means that you will be taking courses from different fields, widening your horizon and improving your imagination. Sectoral collaborations with sustainable development goals and creative perspectives are some of the biggest opportunities you will receive here. Your academic and professional studies will be on a global scale. 

Yeni Yüzyıl University: Their architecture education is supported by 3D design and numerous elective courses. This is also an interdisciplinary department that includes theater, music, management, photography, and many more. 

Fenerbahçe University: This department of architecture is focused on experience. A student-oriented approach encourages students to improve their critical thinking. They question and research, focus on solving problems, and adapt to user needs. Their education program is supported by many mediums. You can join design competitions, exhibitions, workshops, seminars and conferences. Moreover, you can visit sites and urban places, go on to travels, and field studies.

Curriculum Training for International Study Architecture Students in Turkey

A Turkish university for architecture is extremely practical. The content of the courses is generated for construction projects. This is great for crafty people who wish to employ their creativity in the most scientific way. 

You will learn the basics of construction such as: 

  • Building physics,
  • Structural analysis,
  • Structural theory,
  • Construction chemistry,
  • Building materials science,
  • Basics of electrical engineering,
  • Heating technologies.

In order to implement what you learn, you will learn CAD (computer-aided design) programs. These programs are your pen and paper through which you will exercise your designs. 

Your projects must abide by certain rules and regulations. As such, you will learn the topics below: 

  • Construction management,
  • Construction planning,
  • Building law.

Well, this is a creative field. Art is important, especially classical art and architecture. You will be exposed to: 

  • Representation technology,
  • Design,
  • History of construction and art.

We said that to study architecture in Turkey is practical. It is not enough for you to just attend the classes and work on theories. You must also work on many projects.

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